Admiral Anilee Moet

Admiral of the 7th Task Force


Level 4 Tech Specialist, Level 3 Soldier, Level 3 Noble
-STR-10 ( +0), DEX-13 ( +1), CON-10 ( +0), INT-14 ( +2), WIS-15 ( +2), CHA-16 ( +3)
-Vitality-41, Wounds-10, Ranged Attack Bonus +9, Melee Attack Bonus +8


Physical Description: Gran Female, (54 years of age)

History: Skilled Career Officer, who originally began her career as part of the Republic Diplomatic Corps, but decided to switch tracks after a few years.

Personality: She couldn’t stand dealing with the Senate on a day-to-day basis. Still believes all diplomatic solutions are better. Can’t stand the Senate and the bureaucracy, though. Therefore, she relies heavily on her own initiative and will often go ahead without waiting for formal authorization, saying that the bureaucrats on Coruscant don’t understand the situation on the ground. This has earned her the dislike of many senators. Passionate about protecting the republic and the lives of her men and its citizens.

Admiral Anilee Moet

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