Corporal CT-D666 (CT-KA1-304H-002F-D666) “Mother Bird”

Commander of a LAAT/i Gunship


Level 2 Soldier, Level 1 Tech Specialist
-STR-15 (2), DEX-13 (1), CON-11 (0), INT-12 (1), WIS-10 (0), CHA-8 (-1)
-Vitality-19, Wounds-11, Ranged Attack Bonus +3, Melee Attack Bonus +4

Piloting +7, Astrogate +2


Physical Description: Clone

History: Fought on Geonosis

Personality: Commander of a [[LAAT/i Gunship]], prides himself in always getting his passengers in and out successfully. Earned his nickname because of his motherly nature towards his crew. Extremely skilled pilot.

Corporal CT-D666 (CT-KA1-304H-002F-D666) “Mother Bird”

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