Master Oro Jesmin

Padawan Nala Tyi's Master


Jedi Consular (Jedi Diplomat)-Level 10 Jedi Consular, Level 3 Jedi Guardian
-STR-13 (1), DEX-15 (2), CON-11 (0), INT-14 (2), WIS-16 (3), CHA-16 (3)
-Vitality-65, Wounds-8, Ranged Attack Bonus +12, Lightsaber Attack Modifier +13


Physical Description: Mon Calamari Male, wears standard Jedi cloak over a long flowing navy blue tunic that is covered with intricate Mon Calamari designs stitched in silver on each shoulder is emblazoned the symbol of the Jedi Order, wields a green lightsaber.

History: Became a master 1 year ago. About 35 years ago was a Padawan under Master Nara Degan.

Personality: Calm, speaks slowly, believes that diplomacy is a better way to resolve conflict then violence, skilled with a light saber nonetheless.

Master Oro Jesmin

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