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    Below is a list of all the major planets in the campaign-for a complete list of all major planets in the Star Wars universe see "here":http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_planets -[[Vorthos]] -[[Rathos]] -[[Sarka]]

  • Vorthos

    *Vorthos* Region: Outer Core Climate: Temperate Gravity: Standard Moons: 3 Length of Day: 21 Standard Hours Year: 345 Local Days Sentient Species: 81% Human, 12% Duros, 7% Other Government: Confederacy, High Council made up of Representatives from …

  • Rathos

    *Rathos* Region: Outer Core Climate: Tundra Gravity: Standard Moons: 1 Length of Day: 35 Standard Hours Year: 456 Local Days Sentient Species: 45% Human, 21% Gran, 18% Duros, 9% Twi’lek, 7% Other Government: Military Dictatorship Capital: Haja …

  • Sarka

    *Sarka* Region: Mid Rim Climate: Jungle Gravity: Standard Moons: 0 Length of Day: 39 Standard Hours Year: 462 Local Days Sentient Species: 97.2% Sarkan, 2.8% Other Government: Military Dictatorship Capital: Haja Major Exports: Gemstones (Nova …