Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS)

The CIS is the primary opponent of the Republic during the Clone Wars Era and represents a variety of planetary and corporate interests. For more information see here

The CIS is comprised of ten main factions
-the Trade Federation
-Geonosian Industries
-the Techno Union
-the InterGalactic Banking Clan
-the Commerce Guild
-the Corporate Alliance
-the Hyper-Communications Cartel
-the Quarren Isolation League
-the Phelleem sector

The CIS Government is broken down into three main branches.

Executive Branch
-Head of the Council: Count Dooku
-Commander of Separatist Forces: General Grievous

Legislative Branch
-Separatist Council
-Head of the Council: Nute Gunray
-10 Members make up the Separatist Council
-Each Council member represents one of the independent factions that make up the CIS
-Each Council Member has 0-10 Representatives under them
-Council Guards (1,000 IG-100 MagnaGuards)

Judicial Branch
-Supreme Court-10 justices (1 Justice appointed by each independent faction)
-Intergalactic Sector Courts-10 Sector Courts (one for each Independent Faction)

To defend the CIS during the Clone Wars the CIS depends of the CIS Armed Forces.

Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS)

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