Galactic Republic

The Galactic Republic is the oldest galactic governing body at the time of the Clone Wars. For more information see here

The government of the Republic is broken into three main branches

Executive Branch
-Supreme Chancellor: Palpatine
-Aide to the Chancellor

Legislative Branch
-Speaker of the Senate: Mas Amedda
-1000 Senators make up the Senate
-Each Senator represents between 1,000-10,000 inhabited systems
-Each Senator has 0-25 Representatives under them
-Senate Guards (24,000 Guards)
-Senate Commandos (1,000 strong)

Judicial Branch
-Supreme Court-12 justices (Justices are appointed by Supreme Chancellor and confirmed by Senate)
-Intergalactic Sector Courts-1000 Sector Courts

Though the Republic has seen little need for a large standing army since the destruction of the last great Sith Empire by the time of the Clone Wars the Republic has begun to rearm and can depend on the Republic Armed Forces to deal with the separatist threat.

Galactic Republic

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