Immediate Actions

These are actions that can be taken at any time and are immediate.

Dodge-after taking a hit but before damage is taken, Reflex save (DC10+modified hit roll divided by 2), burns one minor action from your next round, if successful attack misses and no damage is taken

Soak Damage-after taking damage, Fortitude save (DC 10+damage caused divided by 2) burns one minor action from your next round; if successful only take half damage (rounded down)

Ignore Damage Penalties-before any roll, Fortitude save (DC 10+damage taken) burns one minor action; if successful ignore negative penalties caused by damage on that roll

Attacks of Opportunity-When an opponent who is adjacent to a unit tries to move away the unit may attack that opponent, doing so burns one minor action from next round. (Note: Certain Units, such as most vehicles and immobilized creatures, may not make attacks of opportunity)

Immediate Actions

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