Admiral Xing Dartmore

Commands the 124th Battlegroup


“How dare you! Do you have no pride?”

Physical Description: Human male with slender with a thinning grey hair, always stands at attention and speaks with authority. (61 years old) Keeps his uniform crisp and clean at all times.

History: Has served in the Republic Navy his entire adult life (43 years). Commands the 124th Task Force from his flagship: the Jace Malcom.

Personality: He believes that military formalities must be observed at all times. Nevertheless he is a brilliant tactician, though this can be annoying at times since he sees suggestions offered by junior officers as insolence bordering on insubordination and a direct insult to his intelligence. Believes that every resource must be carefully husbanded and never thrown away, usually goes on the side of caution, which can sometimes frustrate his more headstrong junior officers. Believes that civilian officials should be respected but not when it comes to military affairs.

Admiral Xing Dartmore

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