Pilot Sara Tino

Pilot of the Corvus


Level 7 Tech Specialist, Level 1 Soldier
-STR-10 (0), DEX-17 (3), CON-9 (-1), INT-14 (2), WIS-15 (+2), CHA-10 (0)
-Vitality-25, Wounds-9, Ranged Attack Bonus +9, Melee Attack Bonus +6

Piloting +14, Astrogate +11, Hyperdrive Repair +5


Physical Description: Slender Miraluka Female, who wears an ancient leather flight jacket at all times over her standard Republic Naval uniform and a pilot helmets with its ray shield visor down at all times to hide her lack of eyes. When not wearing the helmet wears a black blind fold.

History: Has served in the Republic Navy for over 20 years. Could easily be a captain by now but she prefers the life of a common pilot. Considered by many to be one of the best pilots in the Republic Navy

Personality: Calm and controlled at all times with almost as much discipline as a Jedi master.

Pilot Sara Tino

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