Region: Outer Core
Climate: Tundra
Gravity: Standard
Moons: 1
Length of Day: 35 Standard Hours
Year: 456 Local Days
Sentient Species: 45% Human, 21% Gran, 18% Duros, 9% Twi’lek, 7% Other
Government: Military Dictatorship
Capital: Haja
Major Exports: Raw Materials
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, Technology, and Droids
Population: 480,000,000
Defense Forces: 5,000,000 planetary militia

A frozen wasteland that was settled by the Gran in the early days of the Republic, later it was settled by Humans who during the Sith War enslaved the Gran. Though the Gran are no longer slaves the humans have maintained a tight hold on power and the Gran are now part of a permanent underclass.
90% of the world’s surface is covered by frozen oceans with the average daily temperature being -38° Centigrade. Most of the world’s wealth resides in the vast mineral deposits at the bottom of these oceans were they are mined by the huge mining ships of the major mining corporations. These frozen oceans are far from flat, instead because the oceans are constantly churning under the ice due to heat vents on the ocean floor the surface of these oceans are jagged and constantly shifting as the ice cracks and reforms.


Tah-small rocky moon dotted with a few scattered military installations
Gravity: Low, Climate-none (no atmosphere), Length of Day: 106 Standard Hours, Sentient Species: 87% Human, 9% Duros, 4% Other, Government: Military base, ruled from Rathos, Population: 25,000, Defense Forces: 20,000 Troops


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